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About me:

  • In short: I was born in Tuzla on March 1983. I'm working as a medical physicist in Zagreb (www.kbc-zagreb.hr). Married.
  • Lovro-slika
  • Longer versions:
  • - My Github
  • - My blog | - My facebook | - My LinkedIN | - My Researchgate | http://www.studivz.net/ (Suche: Lovro Barisic)
  • - Moj zivotopis (Hrv.)
  • - My CV & Motiv.Letter for EFOMP's AI-SIG
  • - My_CV (Eng.)

  • What do I do & think:

  • This section is most important. Yet it is not complete. I'll try with putting newest thoughts ...
  • Here are some of my...
  • Lectures/Speeches that I like (part that is missing on my facebook-page):
  • -Churchill youtube-speech "...for without victory, there is no survival..."
    -Hrvoje Buljan: Quantum Physics (propagation of light: 3 h of lectures showing 2 computer codes: 1.Schrödinger equation solver (Euler method) | 2. Eigenvalue finder. Those programs demonstrate shortly and truly what is written in standard quant.physics textbook of J.J.Sakurai.
    -T.R.Mackie: "Don't predict future, you make it"
    - Jesus "Do you love me Simon...". quote Following song: KES DUHOVNI KUTAK: Rane tvoje krvare
    - birthday party @SKAC. One great girl had a thesis "You must have money to live". I opposed with "You can live on a piece of land, make everything you need (like Robinson Crusoe)". In short: I was wrong.
  • Rarely known and very usefull formula that I saw in Neven Elezović's high school handbook of mathematics
    formula1 formula2

    Example1: Take for example price of some product that was 10 €, how much would inflation make its value after 7 years? Type in google: "10*exp(0.05*7)", and see the result B-)

    Example2: Process through the formula your a) your loan b) your salary

    The formula is equivalent to loan payment table where time period is every part of second (in contrast to monthly or yearly Loan Term)

  • Having understood principal of MR imaging in 2011. I started believing it can be improved because there is need for better imaging in medicine.
  • Recently (Aug.2018.) I was experimentaling with TV-signal (PAL) on arduino and DSO-138 oscilloscope. I found that every measurement must be accompanied with memorizing. Seeing a picture on TV is one way, seeing a signal (signal) is first part. Second part would be to write it on computer hard disk. Third parti is to analyse it to get lines of a TV-screen. Thats' the other way.
  • I was studying sport betting. I do believe it's possible to win by being good at sports or statistics (or both). I was trying with statistical analysis. Wasted my time, but I learnd programming. I have some parts of code & data ranging from 2010. It's available to my face-friends etc. Nowadays I see no point in winning (small/medium/big amount of cash), because I see other ways to get money (small/medium/big).
  • I want to hold a workshop for kids on robotics, programming & hobby electronics. Who's with me? Who'll do it instead of me?... She did it (e.g.).....the idea is not interesting that much to me anymore link

  • My taste in music....

  • YouTube videos liked by me

  • Stuff/hobby-projects:

  • - Download stuff (college era), sorry,it's temporarily unavailable
  • - Hr-Eng Dictionary WinXP Project of prof. Igaly-a, I made an interface for using it in Pascal | code
  • - Count # of females/males Code to count males/females (copy-pase name list e.g. http://www.phy.hr/imenik.html )
  • - MyArduino Hobby electronics & components I have @facebook.
  • - Part of this web (planetreptum.mooo.com) is was hosted on: my_raspberry-pi
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