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About me:

In short: I was born in Tuzla on March 1983. I'm working as a medical physicist in Zagreb (www.kbc-zagreb.hr). Married.


Longer versions:

- My blog | - My facebook | - My LinkedIN | - My Researchgate | http://www.studivz.net/ (Suche: Lovro Barisic)

- Moj zivotopis (Hrv.)

- My_CV (Eng.)

What do I do & think:

This section is most important. Yet it is not complete. I'll try with putting newest thoughts ...

Here are some of my...

Lectures/Speeches that I like (part that is missing on my facebook-page):

-Churchill youtube-speech "...for without victory, there is no survival..."
-Hrvoje Buljan: Quantum Physics (propagation of light: 3 h of lectures showing 2 computer codes: 1.Schrödinger equation solver (Euler method) | 2. Eigenvalue finder. Those programs demonstrate shortly and truly what is written in standard quant.physics textbook of J.J.Sakurai.
-T.R.Mackie: "Don't predict future, you make it"
- Jesus "Do you love me Simon...". quote Following song: KES DUHOVNI KUTAK: Rane tvoje krvare
- birthday party @SKAC. One great girl had a thesis "You must have money to live". I opposed with "You can live on a piece of land, make everything you need (like Robinson Crusoe)". In short: I was wrong.

Other thougths:

Having understood principal of MR imaging in 2011. I started believing it can be improved because there is need for better imaging in medicine.

Recently (Aug.2018.) I was experimentaling with TV-signal (PAL) on arduino and DSO-138 oscilloscope. I found that every measurement must be acompanied with memorising. Seeing a picture on TV is one way, seeing a signal (signal) is first part. Second part would be to write it on computer hard disk. Third parti is to analyse it to get lines of a TV-screen. Thats' the other way.

I was studying sport betting. I do believe it's possible to win by being good at sports or statistics (or both). I was trying with statistical analysis. Wasted my time, but I learnd programming. I have some parts of code & data rangeing from 2010. It's available to my face-friends etc. Nowdays I see no point in winning (small/medium/big amount of cash), because I see other ways to get money (small/medium/big).

I want to hold a workshop for kids on robotics, programming & hobby electronics. Who's with me? Who'll do it instead of me?... She did it (e.g.) link

Youtube videos liked by me


- Download stuff (college era)

- Hr-Eng Dictionary WinXP Project of prof. Igaly-a, I made an interface for using it in Pascal | code

- Count # of females/males Code to count males/females (copy-pase name list e.g. http://www.phy.hr/imenik.html )

- MyArduino Hobby electronics & components I have @facebook.

- This web is hosted by: my_raspberry-pi

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